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Day 117 – Why are you here?

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I started meditating because I needed to find a way to cope. I have a tendency to internalize all of my client’s problems. When you practice bankruptcy law, you see a lot of suffering. That’s a lot to carry with you 24/7/365. What I didn’t expect when I started meditating was the fundamental internal changes […]

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Day 118 – After Anxiety and Insomnia

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Life After (Less) Anxiety It’s been 2 months since I finished the Stanford 8-week Mindfulness course. I signed up for the class because I needed a different strategy to cope with the anxiety, stress and pressure of practicing law. (Who am I kidding, I didn’t have any strategy.) Over the years, it felt as though my […]

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Day 119 – Jeena vs. Blue Shield. I win. But I’m still angry.

I wrote about fighting Blue Shield before here and here. This is Round Three (and unfortunately, not the last). As a lawyer, I bill my life in 0.1 increments or 6 minutes. The number in parenthesis denotes the time I lost.  There is one thing I do miss about having a fluorescent light office job – health insurance. […]

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Day 120 – Kitchen Failures

Be committed to the process, not the end result. As a lawyer, I’m always focused on the end result. The verdict. The win. What often gets lost is the process – the stuff that happens on your way to the end result. This week, I had lunch with my friend Karen Gifford who suggested that we should […]

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Day 121 – Kitchen Therapy – Save $2,000/year on Food

The average family of four throws away up to $2,275 annually in food. I was shocked to hear that number. That’s almost $200 per month! Consider what you can do with that money. Go on vacation, repair your car, put it towards your kids’ college education fund, put it into your retirement, or simply – […]

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Day 122 – Kitchen Therapy – Homemade Kimchi

Before I get to homemade Kimchi, let’s talk about cutting an onion. My friend Lorene shared this TED Talk with me by Cynthia Lair. Cynthia talks about cooking as meditation. After I watched the video, something just clicked. Food tastes better when you pay attention and are mindful when preparing it. I’ve always found the […]

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Day 123 – Super Soup (Chard, Potato, Chick Peas, Carrots and Curry Soup)

I was at Whole Food’s last week and saw that they had a variety of chard on sale (locally grown, organic) for $1.50! The thing is, I never liked chard or kale. It just seems like an alien vegetable to me. It’s bitter, tough and frankly not very attractive. But, I bought two bunches, determined […]

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Day 124 – Skinny Fat (#30daysofmoving)

Brand new bike, screaming “ride me!” Diagnosis: Skinny Fat. “If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.” I heard my dad say a million times. Until now, I didn’t fully understand what he meant. After all, I’m healthy, eat right (sort of) and exercise (sort of). I never gave much thought to caring for […]

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Day 125 – Kitchen Therapy – How to peel garlic

I have very fond childhood memories of sitting around the table with my mom and the other women in the family to peel garlic. Korean dishes tend to be labor intensive and all those banchan (side dishes) require a lot of hands for chopping, peeling, washing, etc. Cooking together is how the women bonded. There […]

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Day 126 – I’m not a mom

Before I was married, the question I would regularly get, which would send me into instant rage mode is “when are you getting married?” Once I finally tied the knot, I thought I was in the safe zone away from the awkward silence and pregnant pauses but it turns out, I was wrong. Before the […]

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