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Day 127 – Letter to My Teenage Self

I came across this post from The View from Five Two  where Melissa writes to her 16 year old self. It’s part of the “letter to your teenage self” movement over at Chatting at the Sky.  Go over there and read through the letters.  It will make you laugh and cry – at the same time.  […]

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Day 128 – From Frankfurt, Amsterdam, to Paris in 2 weeks

We started our trip in Frankfurt. Throughout the European countries we visited, there were a lot of locks on bridges. They’re called love padlocks. According to Wikipedia, it symbolizes everlasting love. I think we need a return trip just so we can add our lock. Our first meal in Frankfurt. Potty break, anyone? Next, we […]

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Day 129 – Paris. Day 2.

Bonjour! We took the train from Amsterdam to Paris. I love traveling on the train. It’s comfortable, fast (going 180 mph) and no security lines. It took a little over 3 hours. Check out the paperless ticket. View from our room. Pics from our afternoon stroll.

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Day 130 – Europe in my 30’s

The first time I came to Europe was in my 20’s, right out of law school. I remember feeling completely inspired and awe struck. I was like a sponge. I savored every sight, bite of food, and conversations with locals. I was more able to simply be without grown-up worries and concerns. There’s something to be […]

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Day 131 – Jeena vs. Blue Shield of California (Round 2)

Last year, I wrote a post about my dispute with Blue Shield of California.  Well, guess what? The EXACT same thing happened again.  I paid all of my premiums for the full year, went for my one annual OB-GYN visit and received a bill from Palo Alto Pathology Inc. for $117.32.  Apparently, they aren’t getting any […]

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Day 132 – Getting Unstuck and Changing Habits

Teaching Attorneys New Habits Recently, I finished The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. In the book, author Charles Duhigg discusses how habits form, how to break habits and how difficult it is to break it.  We all know what’s good for us, yet somehow, […]

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Day 133 – Hitting the reset button – Google Reader

I hate leaving something unfinished but sometimes, you just have to hit the reset button and start over. I’m liberating myself from blogs that I keep in my reader out of some sense of obligation – “This is good for me to read” (but I never do). I’m also dumping anything related to weddings (been […]

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Day 134 – Becoming an author – one page at a time

  After my first round of edits. You know that saying, be careful what you wish for? Well, I have fallen victim to this. For the past few years, I’ve been secretly fantasizing about a life as a writer and having my name printed on the cover of a book. Well, turns out, I am […]

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Day 135 – My Rant on Student Loans

  Student loan is one topic that I get impassioned about because a) I have student loans and b) because it affects so many people. I recently submitted my 2 cents to PBS Newshour where they requested input for “Has student loan debt affected your life?” When I saw this, I wanted to scream and […]

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Day 136 – Kitchen Therapy – Homemade Yogurt Crock Pot

Our standard breakfast is yogurt. It’s so easy to dress it up with whatever fruits are in season, granola, honey, jam, or even marmalade. So, when I first came across this post on the girl’s guide to guns and butter about making homemade crock pot yogurt, I had to try it. Homemade yogurt is different from […]

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